Obituary Simeon Ignatov (1940-2020), President of BAU and member of the executive committee of FIR

13. November 2020

It is with great sadness that we must announce the death of our comrade Simeon Ignatov, President of the Bulgarian Anti-Fascist Union and member of the executive committee of FIR.

On 30 October 2020, he celebrated his 80th birthday — due to the corona restrictions in a small circle. On this occasion, the FIR sent him a letter of congratulations and an honorary diploma, in which it says

 “All of us have the good experiences that you and the Bulgarian Antifascist Union are strong and valuable partners in the ranks of our international federation. In our common work, we defend the tradition of antifascist fight and the values of resistance – and you are active in this sense in Bulgaria, the land of Georgi Dimitroff and other great antifascists.”

Indeed comrade Simeon Ignatov was active as political secretary and later as president of BAU in the sense of the FIR. He belonged to the team, which prepared the impressive congress of the FIR 2013 in Sofia with large success. At the congress in Prague, he presented the successful work of BAU, participated already in 2018 in the meeting of the executive committee in Budapest and was elected unanimously in the new executive committee at the congress in Reggio Emilia. 

For many years, he has consistently campaigned for the recognition of Bulgarian anti-fascists as fighters in the ranks of the anti-Hitler coalition. In his speech in Italy, he condemned the scandalous resolution of the European Parliament of September 19, 2019 and announced that the Bulgarian anti-fascists will also be active against the Lukov march in 2020. With his modest but clear appearance, Simeon Ignatov has advanced our common tasks.

We mourn with his relatives and the Bulgarian antifascists. He will remain alive in our memory.