Seit 100 Jahren: 8. März als Internationaler Frauentag

7. März 2021


Seit der II. Internationalen Konferenz kommunistischer Frauen 1921 wird der 8. März als Internationaler Aktionstag für die Gleichberechtigung von Frauen begangen. Schon 1910 hatte auf Vorschlag von Clara Zetkin der Internationale Frauenkongress in Stuttgart einen jährlichen Agitationstag für das Frauenwahlrecht beschlossen. Dies wurde mit der Oktoberrevolution in Russland und der Novemberrevolution in Deutschland in zahlreichen …

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Since 100 years: 8 March as International Women’s Day

7. März 2021

Since the II International Conference of Communist Women in 1921, 8 March has been celebrated as an International Day of Action for Equal Rights for Women. As early as 1910, at the suggestion of Clara Zetkin, the International Women’s Congress in Stuttgart had decided on an annual day of agitation for women’s suffrage. This was …

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Vor 75 Jahren: Beendigung des Zweiten Weltkriegs in Ostasien – Befreiung vom japanischen Militarismus

21. August 2020

In der euro-zentrierten Geschichtssicht gelten der 1. September 1939 und der 8. Mai 1945 als Beginn und Ende des Zweiten Weltkrieges. Im asiatischen Raum stehen dafür zwei andere Daten, der 7. Juli 1937 und der 2. bzw. 9. September 1945. 

Schon im Dezember 1936 hatte das japanische Kaiserreich im „Anti-Komintern-Pakt“ mit dem faschistischen Deutschland deutlich die …

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70 years ago, the war in Korea began

24. Juni 2020

Only five years after the common victory of the anti-Hitler coalition against German fascism and in early September against Japanese militarism, a bloody war began in the Asian region as a result of the escalation of the Cold War, which claimed more than 4.5 million victims in three years.
Korea, which could only be liberated in …

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FIR active despite all restrictions

22. Juni 2020

Despite all meeting restrictions the member federations and the representatives of the FIR are active in the political activities. Just in the actions against racism and police violence in Athens, Budapest in Lisbon, in different cities of the Federal Republic of Germany and beyond that the FIR was visible, as some pictures show.

Protest in front …

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FIR calls for anti-racist protests

5. Juni 2020

FIR Newsletter gave the information about the racist problems in the USA. The Trump-Administration tries to make “the ANTIFA” responsible for the problems and the riots in the last days. Trump announced to put “ANTIFA” in the category of “terrorist organizations”. That is why we need to be active.
Apart from the fact that “Antifa” does …

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Video message of FIR for the Day of Liberation/Day of Victory (in wording)

8. Mai 2020

The International Federation of Resistance Fighters congratulates you and all members of your Federation on behalf of the 75th anniversary of the Days of liberation, the Day of Victory.
Because of this specific situation, we only can send you our greetings in this electronic way, not personally – but it is for sure, these greetings are …

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Day of liberation – 8/9 May 2020 – Day of victory

28. April 2020

75 years ago, on 8 and 9 May 1945, mankind experienced the final military crushing of German fascism. These dates mark the victory over the inhuman regime of Hitler fascism,
– which excluded, persecuted and imprisoned political opponents and dissenters,
– which murdered millions of people from a self-constructed race alone as Jews, as Sinti and Roma, …

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75 years ago: A symbolic event – the self-liberation of Buchenwald concentration camp

11. April 2020

The FIR reminds in these days of the self-liberation of the concentration camp Buchenwald by the prisoner resistance on 11 April 1945. This event is symbolic for the success of the common anti-fascist acting.
Already in the year 1943, the illegal International Camp Committee (ILK) in CC Buchenwald, in which Belgian, German, French, Italian, Polish, Soviet …

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A Prague Tragedy – the desecration of the memorial of Marshal Konev

3. April 2020

While all over the world – despite the Corona pandemic – the memory of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Europe from fascism and war is kept alive, commemorating the victims and honoring the liberators of the anti-Hitler coalition, a Prague district government is indulging in a political scandal that cannot be surpassed in …

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