About us

The international federation of the resistance fighters (FIR) – association of the anti-fascists is the umbrella organisation of federations of former resistance fighters, partisans, members of the anti-Hitler coalition, pursued of the Nazi-regime and anti-fascist of today’s generations from over twenty countries of Europe and Israel.

“Never again!” – this was the common conviction of all people who as an opposition fighter, as a fighter of the armies of Anti-Hitler-Coalition or as a victim of persecution of the Nazi regime could experience the liberation from fascism and war.

Based of the community of fighting against the fascist barbarism the member organizations of the FIR today stand up for peace, for political and social human rights and democracy.

Together with the members of present generations we act against neo-fascism and extreme rightwing, xenophobia and anti-Semitism, war and terrorism as well as their social roots.

The FIR stands

  • for peace, democratic and social rights and human dignity in all parts of the world
  • for the fulfilment of the principles and aims of the Charta of the United Nations
  • for a fair world economy and respect the nations right of their own resources
  • for the realising of principles of international law in international relations. The FIR rejects preventive wars and retaliatory strikes as means of the penetration of political interests.
  • for a world, where the social and political roots of inhuman terrorism are eliminated, where public terrorism is banned
  • against all attempts with the key word of the “terrorism” intersperse interests of world domination,
  • against the inhuman consequences of globalisation in social and political fields,
  • against every form of racialist, political, ideological or religious discrimination, anti-Semitism and against a re-growing of fascism and Nazism in all their forms
  • for the keeping of the legacy of the resistance and the ideals of the opposition movement and the documentation of her historical role
  • for the honour bestowed upon the women and men from resistance and pursuit and this ones which has fallen for the defence of the liberty of her native country and the preservation of their memory
  • for preservation and keeping the places of fascist crimes as memorial places in all countries
  • for the defence of the social rights and demands of the women and men from resistance and pursuit, for the political realisation of material and moral rights against the perpetrators or their successors in law. The succession states and their governments must accept their responsibility.