FIR very concerned about political developments in Europe

3. Juni 2018

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Government formation in Italy last week clearly underlined the danger of increasing right wing developments in Europe. Meanwhile, four government parties in Europe, Poland, Hungary, Austria, and now Italy have put their campaign and political profile under the motto of xenophobia and nationalism.

For many years, in Hungary, under the government of Viktor Orban, we have seen that its demarcation from the EU is linked, in particular, to the distinction against “strangers” and refugees. The anti-Semitic campaign against George Soros, Orbans thesis of the “migrants-free zone” in Central Europe and the construction of a wall opposite Serbia are signs of this racist policy of FIDESZ and JOBBIK.

In Poland, the right-wing government of the PiS party is exacerbating the pressure on the political opposition and eliminating democratic participation and legal certainty for citizens through pseudo-reforms. In addition, this government denies a solidary approach to help people in need by the partitioning of the country in the reception of war refugees from other EU countries. Frightening is also the massive falsification of history and disposal of places of remembrance.

In Austria too, the current government has come to power with the demand to close the borders of the country for people from other countries. In addition to further criticisms of the European Union, the leader of the FPÖ Strache even calls to cancel the free movement of EU citizens. Together with the Bavarian police, the identity checks at the German-Austrian border were reintroduced. Controlling is done mainly according to racist criteria.

In addition, in Italy, since this week we have a government, which is supported by Lega, Forza Italia and the 5-star movement. These parties represent positions of extreme right and right wing populists. Matteo Salvini, who has led his party “Lega” on a massive xenophobic course for several years, was sworn in as Interior Minister. He is responsible for the refugee camps in Lampedusa and other places. It can be expected that the already inhumane conditions will be worsened. The program of this government is an actual attack on the antifascist nature of the Italian constitution.

FIR appeals: Europe’s democratic and anti-fascist organizations and parties must join forces to stop further right wing development. Together, they must use the public debates on the European Parliament elections to promote a peaceful, social justice and anti-fascist Europe.

(Deutsch) FIR in Sorge über die politische Entwicklung in Europa

3. Juni 2018

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Communists in the resistance against fascism and capital

26. Mai 2018

Exhibition and symposium in the Netherlands

The Nationaal Bevrijdingsmuseum 1944-1945 in Groesbeek tells the impressive history of communist resistance in the Netherlands in a fascinating special exhibition “The Communists. In the Resistance to Fascism and Capital”, which will be on view from 2 May to 28 October 2018.

From the first day of the German occupation of the Netherlands, the entire Communist Party of the Netherlands (CPN) became a national resistance organization. The illegal CPN soon counted thousands of resistance fighters, many of whom had valuable experience in illegal activities. Despite the persecution, the resistance newspaper “De Waarheid” was spread throughout the country in 1940 and the communist resistance is considered the originator of the February 1941 strike. Numerous posters, newspapers, photos and other media illustrate the exhibition. On display is a duplicator that printed “De Waarheid” and a sabotage tool used to derail trains. The persecution of the Communists is told by the impressive drawings of Henri Pieck and the extraordinary chess game that Nico Mourer made during his imprisonment of breadcrumbs.

In connection with this exhibition, on 19 May 2018 a historic symposium took place. The guest speaker participated Max van den Berg, the Michel Vanderborght award winner, who had attended as a 14-year-old with his classmates on Docker’s strike in February 1941.

Other speakers at the symposium included Rien Dijkstra, the son of a former Spain fighter and board member of the Spanish Foundation 1936-1939. He reported on the Dutch volunteers in the Spanish Civil War. Other historians and experts reported on the resistance in various parts of the country and the “Action CPN”, the German arrest after the attack on the Soviet Union.

The museum in Groesbeek was surprised by the great interest in this conference. Already days before, it announced on its website that the symposium was fully booked. The exhibition and symposium were a contribution to the Dutch “Year of Resistance 2018”.

(Deutsch) Kommunisten im Widerstand gegen Faschismus und Kapital

26. Mai 2018

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(Deutsch) „Der Balkan – eine Zone des Friedens, der Verständigung und der Zusammenarbeit“

26. Mai 2018

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Commemoration of the liberation

29. April 2018


While in recent weeks we have had repeatedly to warn of historical oblivion and historical revisionism, this time we can name various positive examples of anti-fascist remembrance work.

In recent days, commemorative events honoring the liberation from fascism and war took place in concentration camp memorials and other places in Europe. The prelude was traditionally the celebration commemorating the anniversary of the self-liberation of the Buchenwald concentration camp on April 11, 1945. Invited by the International Committee Buchenwald-Dora and Commandos several hundred participants came and set – in the spirit of the “oath of Buchenwald” – a sign against racism and anti-Semitism.

The following weekend, several hundred people gathered in the Sachsenhausen and Ravensbrück concentration camp memorials to commemorate the liberation of the camps in mid-April 1945 by the units of the Red Army.

On April 29 the commemoration took place in the former concentration camp Dachau, where again numerous international delegations together with German anti-fascists – Invited by the International Dachau Committee – recalled the memory of the victims and formulated a message for the coming generations.

This year’s commemoration of the Liberation Day of Italy on April 25, 1945 active supported by the anti-fascist partisan organization ANPI developed as a mass demonstrations against the danger of right wing development in Italy after the results of the previous parliamentary elections. The large attendance showed broad support for the anti-fascist values of the Italian Constitution.

On the same day, Portuguese anti-fascists from URAP and with them, a broad social alliance of leftist forces demonstrated that the memory of the “carnation revolution” in Portugal is still alive. The overthrow of the fascist Salazar regime by the masses along with democratic parts of the army remains unforgotten and is a model for political action against all efforts of the legal forces in this country.

In addition, Belgium commemorated in a public ceremony the political prisoners and the liberation of the country. On the 22nd of April a memorable commemoration took place in the Memorial Park of the Murdered – organized by the Confederation Nationale des Prisoniers Politiques et Ayants Droit de Belgique (CNPPA) and the War Heritage Institute – in the presence of the Vice-President of FIR Filippo Giuffrida.

All these are good forecasts for May 8 /9, which will again show that the memory of the liberation and the victory over the fascism 1945 in the consciousness of many people in Europe is firmly anchored.

(Deutsch) Befreiungsfeierlichkeiten in Europa

29. April 2018

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Appeal of the Russian Union of Veterans (RUV) to peoples, veterans and all antifascist forces – forces of good will in the world

22. April 2018


For RUV, veterans of Russia of all generations, the sudden massive missile strike inflicted by the NATO clique led by the US on April 14 at 4.00 Moscow time on the objects of Syria vividly revived the historical memory on June 22, 1941, when also at 4.00 the fascist regime of Hitler suddenly attacked the Soviet Union, and the blood of innocent civilians, children and the elderly of our people was shed.

May be, the US population has saved its history from such bloody trials, and even in some European countries even veterans, obviously, began to forget about these facts. But for us, veterans of the country which smashed fascism, we cannot forget the history. The current leaders at the helm of the United States, Britain and France, in fact are the continuers of the ideas of fascism, the exclusivity of one’s own nation, which, at their will, is allowed to create lawlessness and shed blood of innocent people anywhere in the world. Now, any country on the planet Earth must understand that at any moment it can also be under such a sudden blow, according to a completely invented proposal, which has nothing to do with reality.

Veterans of Russia, behind whom have been the hardest trials of the Great Patriotic and World War II, the defense of our country’s interests in civil wars and armed conflicts, and in the years of the Cold War, ensuring the nuclear and military parity of our country with the entire “NATO coalition” are more sensitive than other layers of the world’s population, and feel a threat to the security of Russia and all progressive mankind, caused by international terrorism, the policy of various embargoes and sanctions carried out by Western countries led by the United States.

Veterans of Russia fully share the position of our President, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who called the attack an act of aggression against a sovereign state, a violation of the norms of the UN Charter and the principles of international law. The US “by its actions” further aggravates the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria, brings suffering to the peaceful population, in fact, indulges the terrorists who have been tormenting the Syrian people for seven years, provoking a new wave of refugees from this country and the region as a whole. ”

The failure of the coalition strike on Syria is the beginning of the decline of the US military hegemony in the world: the Yugoslav and Iraqi-Libyan scenario will no longer pass. The world reaction to the incident shows that punitive operations under a far-fetched pretext lead to the opposite results, which the organizers counted on.

Veterans of the Russian Union of Veterans appeal to all people, veterans and all antifascist forces – forces of good will in the world: Don’t give up to a world fire!

The degradation of one country can be the beginning of the same against many countries and peoples and even whole continents!

The World can be easily set under nuclear fire, but it will be impossible to stop the destruction of world human civilization!

Unite your efforts and stop confrontation development for the future of all people of the earth!

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Parliamentary election in Hungary, 2018

14. April 2018

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On the morning of the day after the elections, it seems that the ruling coalition party, FIDESZ-KDNP has won a two-thirds majority in the parliament; its leader Viktor Orbán will be ruling the country for the third time consecutively and overall it being his fourth cycle of governing. From 2010, he transformed the country from a plural democracy into a semi-authoritarian system under the control of a single party. With a constitutional majority, he hereinafter, has the opportunity to adopt further changes to the constitution according to his intentions.

The mournful performance of the opposition has several reasons. On the one hand it is very divided. On the other hand, FIDESZ modified and wrote the election law in its own interest, paving the way for the uneven conditions that presided in the elections.  Throughout the vast majority of the country, the press is in the hands of those very close to the government. Orbán built his campaign on an enemy, on a multicultural force that attacks the West, where – as depicted on pictures – Muslim immigrants are savages and where traditional family and Christian values are subject to constant attack. He has been using the Goebbels method for some time now. György Soros, a Jewish billionaire of Hungarian origin, was made a scapegoat who intervened in the life of Hungary. According to a survey, some people thought György Soros would be running in the Hungarian parliamentary elections, because images of him – depicting him as the enemy – were posted all across the country. Orbán based his campaign on under informing along with playing out the fears and instincts of the people. The centralized government media magnified or simply misrepresented the situation of migrants in a false way. In the absence of other media, the Hungarian people were led to believe that Muslim refugees go on rampages and rape women.

During the campaign, Orbán has threatened those who do not support his policy, mentioning a list of 2,000 people. The civil organizations that were constantly put under pressure face an even darker time. In his foreign politics, he spoke warmly about the Polish or autocratic Turkish leaders who have similar principles. He was constantly besmirching the European Union, declaring it as an enemy of the state, all the while accepting vast amounts of EU funds that allocated mostly to Orbán’s relatives and acquaintances. Corruption has reached enormous dimensions in Hungary. Surprisingly, Orbán’s team responded peculiarly, claiming that their aim is  to establish the Hungarian capitalist world. 73 years after the military defeat of fascism, Orbán created a mutated fascist system fanaticizing masses.

Orbán’s victory and methods are expected to serve as examples for politicians who think in a similar way, primarily for Poland, where the party in power is openly copying his methods. Hopefully, Orban’s victory will finally awaken the democratic Western leaders and the European Parliament (EUP). Perhaps they will be aware of what MEASZ (The Hungarian Federation of Resistance Fighters and Antifascists) has been saying for a long time now – that Orbán’s governance is a threat to the rule of law, the free press, but most of all to the millions of people who are not following him. After recognizing this, the EUP will hopefully launch significant actions. It should strive to organize serious projects with non-governmental organizations, such as the FIR, whose existing traditional network and expertise can effectively fight against threats jeopardizing the rule of law.

Vilmos Hanti

(Deutsch) Parlamentswahlen in Ungarn 2018 – eine Stellungnahme von Vilmos Hanti (Präsident der MEASZ und Präsident der FIR)

14. April 2018

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