Fascism is not an opinion, but a crime!

27. Januar 2018

The International Federation of Resistance Fighters (FIR) – Antifascist Association and its member federations commemorate every year the January 27, 1945, the Liberation-Day of extermination camp Auschwitz by soldiers of the Red Army. To remember the end, it is also needed to face the beginning and the roots of these crimes. That is why we call to remember January 30, 1933 too.


January 30, 1933 is not a “day of remembrance”, it is an obligation for all antifascist-oriented people to prevent any repetition.

It is necessary to prevent the organizations of the labor movement from being prosecuted again. Unionists, Communists and Social Democrats were the first deported to concentration camps whose organizations were persecuted, banned and crushed.

It is important to prevent the democratic rights and freedoms. With “parliamentary authorization“, the rights of the elected parliament were abolished. In the next step, politically dissenters and Jewish scientists were ousted from public life by a ban on the profession and the burning of books.

It is important to prevent war policy once again dominating social life. From the very beginning, co-ordination and the increasing militarization of society up to the practical preparations for war shaped the policy of German fascism.

It is important to prevent racism and anti-Semitism from becoming the maxims of state action. Racist exclusion through pogroms and Nuremberg racial laws created the precondition for the persecution of people of Jewish faith and those who were labeled as Jewish according to racist racial criteria.

FIR recalls that the rise of the fascist forces did not take place in the politically “empty” space. Influential forces from the military, industry, banks and the reactionary elite have significantly promoted and politically supported the rise of the NSDAP.

Therefore, it is necessary to set political counter-signals against all approaches of extreme right-wing politics and fascist ideology.

In addition to remembering the criminal policy, this includes naming the social forces that contributed to the establishment of fascist rule.

This includes facing all approaches of extreme right-wing politics and ideology.

This includes defending democracy and liberties and opposing social cuts.

This includes advocating for actual peace policy and opposing any war policy and war efforts.

Never again fascism – never again war!

FIR celebrates its President Vilmos Hanti on his 60th birthday

16. Januar 2018

The International Federation of Resistance FIR – Federation of Anti-Fascists arranges its regular leadership meeting in Budapest from 19 to 21 January 2018. On the agenda are the annual planning for 2018, initiatives against historical revisionism and the International Day Against Racism of the United Nations. The current situation in the Middle East will also occupy the members of the leadership.

A special highlight of the conference in Budapest will be the celebration of the 60th birthday of FIR President Vilmos Hanti on January 20, attended by representatives of the Hungarian Democratic Movement and other representatives of the FIR associations.

(Deutsch) FIR würdigt ihren Präsidenten Vilmos Hanti zum 60. Geburtstag

16. Januar 2018

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FIR condems the desecration of Soviet memorial in Plovdiv

11. November 2017

In a letter to the president of the Bulgarian Antifascist Union Simeon Ignatov FIR underlined its solidarity:

Today we received the information that in the city of Plovdiv the well-known monument of the Soviet soldier – to the liberator «Alesha» – was desecrated by neo-fascists. These barbarians left swastikas and anti-Semitic slogans on the walls.

We condemn such act of vandalism and stand on your side against all neo-fascist attempts also in Bulgaria.

It is a good political signal that the Bulgarian foreign Ministry stressed that such actions «are completely unacceptable and are contrary to the traditional tolerance and tolerance inherent to the Bulgarian people, as well as with the adopted country’s obligations under EU and international organizations concerning the fight against racism, xenophobia and crimes of hate».

Based on this statement, we demand the Bulgarian government to integrate the Bulgarian Antifascist Union from now on as an accepted partner in all social activities to preserve the memories of resistance fight and to prevent neo-fascism, racism and crimes of hate.

“L’Antifascismo in Marcia” – letter of solidarity

27. Oktober 2017

FIR sent a letter of solidarity to the Italian organization ANPI and all antifascist organizations because of their protest against a neo-fascist provocation.

Dear comrades
Dear Italian antifascists,

The International Federation of Resistance Fighters (FIR) – Association of Antifascists and its member federations would like to express solidarity with your important event “L’Antifascismo in Marcia” Oct. 28, 2017.

It was a scandalous provocation that open neo-fascist groups propagated to hold a commemorative marching on the 85th anniversary of Mussolini’s “March on Rome” 1922. Although this provocation is not allowed by the state authorities, it is necessary to give a common political signal against this provocation. Because we all know the inhuman and barbarian consequences of fascist policy not only for Italian people, but for other countries and peoples too. The common fight of the Anti-Hitler-Coalition, the partisans and the resistance fighters were the basis for liberation of Europe and Italy too from this barbarism.

The Italian people took the chance for a political new-beginning by creating an antifascist constitution. This is your principle for a “new world of peace and freedom” (Oath of Buchenwald). The projected neo-fascist marching is directly contrary to the common basis of the Italian society.

It is a very impressive sign that against this provocation the community of antifascist and veterans organizations connected with trade-unions, organizations of the civil society and political institutions comes together and stand in one line to defend the constitution and the values of antifascism.

FIR always underlines: “Fascism is not an opinion, but a crime” and remembers the slogan of the International Brigades in Spain in 1936: “No pasaran!”

Vilmos Hanti ,President                                                            Dr. Ulrich Schneider, General Secretary

FIR concernd about current political development in CentralEurope

25. Oktober 2017

The FIR is very concerned about the current development in Central Europe. Various developments show that this Europe is evolving into a reactionary political direction. In the Federal Republic of Germany, the extreme right “alternative for Germany” (AfD) reached over 12% of the electorate votes and will go with about 90 deputies to the German Bundestag. In Austria, the parliamentary elections had the result that the conservative ÖVP wants to enter into a coalition with the right-wing populist FPÖ. Their common denominator is the refusal to accept further refugees in Central Europe. Responsible for this is – also according to the will of the ÖVP – Heinz-Christian Strache of the FPÖ. In the Czech Republic, the right-wing populist Andreij Babis (ANO) and the open-right politician Tomio Okamura (SPD) have won the majority of the seats. Their credo is: We do not want to accept any further refugees in Europe. Okamura even fantasizes about having to stop the Islamization of the Czech Republic. On the Hungarian National Day Prime Minister Viktor Orban (FIDESZ) shocked the world with his declaration of a “migrant-free zone” in East-Central Europe. And the Polish government emphasizes its position not to accept refugees within the framework of European solidarity.

These examples show that in Europe those political forces gain political influence, which try to make political mood with xenophobia and racism, against migrants and needy.

We, the member associations of the International Federation of Resistance Fighters cannot accept such racist and xenophobic tendencies. We remind you that in the time of the fascist threat thousands of persecuted could only therefore survive because they found refuge and asylum in other countries. Until today, the international community criticizes those states, such as the then neutral Switzerland, that they – in the knowledge of the threat – did not allow persecuted the entry in the country. However, such criticism is hypocritical when the same countries and institutions operate even today in the same way – closing up against refugees.

FIR underlines its position: We do not want a fortress Europe that accepts the countless deaths in the Mediterranean. Europe must remain open to people who flee from war, political or religious persecution, fame and exploitation.

We call the European Union,
1. to pursue a foreign policy that does not contribute to that in the North African countries and the Middle East war, misery and other reasons for fleeing increase.
2. those people who come from these very reasons for fleeing to Europe, to take without restrictions.
3. to participate all States of the European Union equally in the housing and welfare of refugees. Sanctions must be applied against such states which don’t do their duties.
4. not to feed right-wing populism, but to pursue an active policy against the increasing racism and xenophobia. Europe cannot be built based on the foreclosure, but must be characterized by openness and tolerance.

(Deutsch) FIR in Sorge über europäische Entwicklung

25. Oktober 2017

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(Deutsch) 50 Jahre “Blumen für Stukenbrock” – Gedenken auf sowjetischem Soldatenfriedhof

3. September 2017

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(Deutsch) Gedenken in Banska Bystrica

3. September 2017

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FIR is urgently warning of a further escalation of the military tensions in Asia and Latin America by the US government.

21. August 2017

The International Federation of Resistance Fighters (FIR) – Association of Antifascists is pursuing the growing threat of military violence in the conflict between the USA and North Korea with great concern. Visible signs are not only weapon tests but the increasing numbers of military maneuvers in the region around Korea. We specifically condemn the maneuvers of the US, South Korea and Japan in this area, as well as the military presence of more than 28,000 US soldiers in the South of the Korean peninsula. The deployment of the US missile defense system THAAD in South Korea represents a further escalation stage in the threat strategy and aims at the ability to strike first, which is also against the security of the PR China.

This is justified by the North Korean “nuclear program”, which is also rejected by the United Nations. As a part of the peace movement, the FIR, of course, stands for a worldwide abolition of all nuclear weapons. However, this presupposes, for all states involved, that they are not themselves forced to rise by the nuclear threat posed by other states. We support and therefore demand the peaceful settlement of the disputes between the US and North Korea, as well as the replacement of the armistice agreement of 1953 by a comprehensive peace agreement between both sides.

We recall the devastating consequences of atomic bombing 72 years ago on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This prohibits any consideration of a nuclear first strike strategy, as it is currently being propagated by the US president. An escalation in words and – as it seems, – also in deeds to enforce the geopolitical hegemony of the US in the Pacific region must be stopped. Apparently, only military action seems to be an option for the current US administration. The government in Venezuela, which fights against domestic political destabilization, has also been threatened with military intervention.

We call on the political powers of the world to apply their influence to all parties involved, to renounce any military threat, and to find the way for diplomatic solutions. This includes a demilitarization and nuclear disarmament in the East Asian region as well as the independent and peaceful reunification of Korea.

In a few days we commemorate September 1 as the day of the Fascist invasion of Poland, and the beginning of the Second World War, which cost the lives of more than 60 million people. After the military crushing of German fascism in 1945, the peoples formed the idea, which is still our duty to this day: Never again fascism! Never again war!

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