The Bulgarian historian and antifascist Prof. Velko Valkanov died Nov. 26, 2016

26. November 2016

FIR sent the following letter of condolence to the Bulgarian Antifascist Union and the International Dimitrov Foundation, Sofia

With deep sorrow we have to take note of the death of prof. Velko Valkanov this week-end.

Just after the XVII regular congress of FIR in Prague confirmed him as member of the honor presidency of FIR, he was very excited about, he died at the age of 88 years.

Prof. Valkanov was an active historian and journalist, who analyzed and published in several media. As antifascist he advised against right-wing policy and tendencies not only in Bulgaria, but in various parts of Europe. He faced the history and gave answers to the today’s situation and for future tasks. That is how we will remember him.

Because of his very active work in the sense of FIR the XVI FIR congress in Sofia 2013 named him first time as member of honor presidency.  With his death the Bulgarian antifascist movement lost a highly estimated figure. We will not forget him. We would like to express our condolences also to his family and all relatives.