Obituary retired Colonel ZOLTÁN VICZIÁN

24. September 2021

After a patient suffering Zoltán Viczián, member of the honory presidency of FIR, died quietly on 15th of September 2021 at the age of 94 in Hungary. Our dear friend was born on 13th of January 1928.

Already at the age of 16 he fought againts Hitler and Hitler’s Hungarian troops from Salgótarján to Berlin on the side of the Red Army until the day of victory. He recounted many times when Soviet soldiers learned that the war was over, tossed their caps in joy, and fired at them. It meant everything to us. The joy that they were not destroyed in the XX. century during the barbarism, they could go home to their loved ones, people could live in peace. Zoltán Viczián after returning to Hungary quickly became involved in cleaning up the ruins and the revival of the country. He first helped in Salgótarján to the guardianship as a social worker and carried on the lives of poor and orphaned children. He founded the Heves County Football Association, was an employee of the Heves County Civil Command and has been active in MEASZ for several decades as a county leader and was also a member of the national presidency of MEASZ. He was proud to have been an honorary board member of the FIR as well too. He received many accolades for his work and was proud of the Miklós Radnóti Anti-Racist Award. In July this year a delegation from the MEASZ presidency honored him with the SUBNOR award of our Serbian sister organization in Eger. That was the last time FIR president Vilmos Hanti and a further member of MEASZ met him. We preserve his memory as an example to follow. Rest in peace!