Stop the war in Ukraine now! No tolerance for neo-fascist forces!

14. Juli 2014

The International Federation of resistance Fighters (FIR) – Association of Antifascists calls the actual government of Ukraine to stop the civil war against the own people in eastern Ukraine immediately. The reports on the military activities – even against civilians – and the announcement of President Poroschenko to take revenge against all “separatists” make it clear that any opposition against the current government should be fought with intensive violence.
Those crimes against the own people are possible because the government of the U.S. and the European Union, which decided in may 2014 every minute a new sanction against Russia, because this country was blamed to support the separatists, now are in a death-mans situation and tolerate in fact these massacres. Should OSCE have a political significance in Europa then it must be proved now and OSCE must do its best to finish the war.
Peace in Ukraine is only possible, if the political and military influence of open fascists and ultra-nationalist forces e.g. the “right sector” or the party “Svoboda” can be stopped. These groups are contrary in their statements and their activities to the values and the basics of a democratic Europe. It cannot be and it is not acceptable, that such groups are in responsible positions of the new Ukraine government. As long as fascists in Kiev are sitting on seats of power no European government should be allowed to give support to the current government in Ukraine.
We call the members of the newly elected European Parliament to draw “red line” on this political issue. Otherwise, the tolerance of fascists could become a model for other European countries.