Declaration for Minsk II – treatment

1. März 2015

The International Federation of Resistance Fighters (FIR) as an umbrella organization of former partisans and fighters of the anti-Hitler coalition, persecuted by the Nazi regime and their families as well as today’s anti-fascists and as “Ambassador of Peace” by the United Nations facing the current situation in Ukraine sees itself forced to the following statement:
We call for the protection of all people in this country, that the announced cease-fire is maintained from all sides.
We support the Minsk agreements and expect that on this basis will be maintained serious political talks about life, the autonomy and freedom rights of all inhabitants of this country.
We see in arms sales and other external interference attempts to extend the civil war and the military confrontation at the expense of the people.
We support the proposed resolution to the UN Security Council, which takes the world community in the responsibility for the peace process.
Particular, we expect the EU to play a peace-building role by advocating against useless sanctions and supporting peace talks based on equal level in Ukraine as well as rejecting nationalist and neo-fascist forces in the Ukraine rather than supporting these.