FIR concernd about current political development in CentralEurope

25. Oktober 2017

The FIR is very concerned about the current development in Central Europe. Various developments show that this Europe is evolving into a reactionary political direction. In the Federal Republic of Germany, the extreme right “alternative for Germany” (AfD) reached over 12% of the electorate votes and will go with about 90 deputies to the German Bundestag. In Austria, the parliamentary elections had the result that the conservative ÖVP wants to enter into a coalition with the right-wing populist FPÖ. Their common denominator is the refusal to accept further refugees in Central Europe. Responsible for this is – also according to the will of the ÖVP – Heinz-Christian Strache of the FPÖ. In the Czech Republic, the right-wing populist Andreij Babis (ANO) and the open-right politician Tomio Okamura (SPD) have won the majority of the seats. Their credo is: We do not want to accept any further refugees in Europe. Okamura even fantasizes about having to stop the Islamization of the Czech Republic. On the Hungarian National Day Prime Minister Viktor Orban (FIDESZ) shocked the world with his declaration of a “migrant-free zone” in East-Central Europe. And the Polish government emphasizes its position not to accept refugees within the framework of European solidarity.

These examples show that in Europe those political forces gain political influence, which try to make political mood with xenophobia and racism, against migrants and needy.

We, the member associations of the International Federation of Resistance Fighters cannot accept such racist and xenophobic tendencies. We remind you that in the time of the fascist threat thousands of persecuted could only therefore survive because they found refuge and asylum in other countries. Until today, the international community criticizes those states, such as the then neutral Switzerland, that they – in the knowledge of the threat – did not allow persecuted the entry in the country. However, such criticism is hypocritical when the same countries and institutions operate even today in the same way – closing up against refugees.

FIR underlines its position: We do not want a fortress Europe that accepts the countless deaths in the Mediterranean. Europe must remain open to people who flee from war, political or religious persecution, fame and exploitation.

We call the European Union,
1. to pursue a foreign policy that does not contribute to that in the North African countries and the Middle East war, misery and other reasons for fleeing increase.
2. those people who come from these very reasons for fleeing to Europe, to take without restrictions.
3. to participate all States of the European Union equally in the housing and welfare of refugees. Sanctions must be applied against such states which don’t do their duties.
4. not to feed right-wing populism, but to pursue an active policy against the increasing racism and xenophobia. Europe cannot be built based on the foreclosure, but must be characterized by openness and tolerance.