FIR condems the desecration of Soviet memorial in Plovdiv

11. November 2017

In a letter to the president of the Bulgarian Antifascist Union Simeon Ignatov FIR underlined its solidarity:

Today we received the information that in the city of Plovdiv the well-known monument of the Soviet soldier – to the liberator «Alesha» – was desecrated by neo-fascists. These barbarians left swastikas and anti-Semitic slogans on the walls.

We condemn such act of vandalism and stand on your side against all neo-fascist attempts also in Bulgaria.

It is a good political signal that the Bulgarian foreign Ministry stressed that such actions «are completely unacceptable and are contrary to the traditional tolerance and tolerance inherent to the Bulgarian people, as well as with the adopted country’s obligations under EU and international organizations concerning the fight against racism, xenophobia and crimes of hate».

Based on this statement, we demand the Bulgarian government to integrate the Bulgarian Antifascist Union from now on as an accepted partner in all social activities to preserve the memories of resistance fight and to prevent neo-fascism, racism and crimes of hate.