FIR is concerned about Nazi-marching in Budapest

12. Februar 2024

On February 10, in Budapest anti-fascists from several European countries commemorated – invited by the Hungarian antifascist organization MEASZ – the 79th anniversary of liberation of the town by the soviet army, supported by the Hungarian resistance. We were glad to have important speaker, the deputy major of Budapest, representatives of the civil society and – as high-light – the Holocaust survivor Katlin Sommer on the floor.

Anti-fascists from Italy and Germany condemned in its speeches the way the Hungarian justice handle the trial against two young persons they are accused for violence against political opponents. We see in this trial a harsh disregarding of the rules of law.
We are strongly concerned that this day, accepted and supported by the Hungarian government, a Nazi-marching to glorify the SS, Wehrmacht, and Hungarian collaborators took place on the other side of the river with about more than 1.000 participants from several European countries.
We are also concerned about the fact that, while the Hungarian police protected the Nazi-marching, it hindered a group of German and Austrian anti-fascists to participate at the commemorative event for the liberation of Budapest. The police stopped their bus outside of Budapest and controlled a long time all guests in this bus, so they could not come just in time to the ceremony.